Positive Communications With Your Parents

How do I bring up sensitive issues like driving and bill paying with my senior parents?

Elder Law is more than Medicaid (Title XIX) and VA Aid & Attendance.

Begin any potentially stressful discussion by asking questions.  Ask how your parents feel about the issue and what their needs are.  Try to step in their shoes and speak to them empathically and compassionately.   Incorporate approaches that have worked in difficult discussions in the past.  Consider having short discussions over time to avoid the issue taking over your visits together.  Keep in mind that altering the status quo can be difficult to gracefully embrace regardless of age.  It can be particularly problematic for a senior who is facing changes that can be permanent.  Unless it is a matter of your parents’ immediate safety, then be patient with the communication process by providing your parents with opportunities to voice their preferences and explore the alternatives.  Your parents can adjust to changes with more ease when they are treated respectfully and as the decision-maker.  Focus on inclusion rather than exclusion.

Danbury, CT Elder Care Lawyers: A Holistic Approach to Elder Law

With every challenge, there is a solution regardless of age.   Issues affecting a senior’s lifestyle such as housing changes, financial management, driving, recreation, socialization, access to optimal health care and more can place tremendous stress on family relationships.  We can discuss your concerns and then offer options on how to approach these challenges so that there is a successful transition to the “new normal” for your parents and for your family.  Quite often maintaining the status quo is only a good plan for the short term and not a sustainable solution for the long term.  We are available when you need help discussing difficult topics with your parents, referrals to appropriate service providers, and advice on how to respectfully manage the situation.  And, we make home visits!  So, you can come to us or we can come to you or your parents, to assist in communications which can lead to positive results.

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