Murphy & Murphy LLP Attorneys at Law provides this website and the information contained herein as a general information resource. Due to ongoing changes in the law, we do not guarantee or promise that the information contained herein is accurate or up-to-date. We do not intend this website as legal advice. No attorney-client relationship shall be formed by or through this website. If you contact us, do not provide any confidential information, as we cannot guarantee confidentiality unless and until an attorney-client relationship subsequently is formed. Do not rely on information provided herein; rather, obtain advice from an attorney hired to represent you. No link to or information by or regarding any person or entity other than us and our principals should be regarded as an endorsement of such persons or entitles.

Privacy Protection Policy

Nothing is more important to us than the trust and confidence of our clients, and we therefore ensure the privacy of all clients’ nonpublic personal information. If you become a client of our firm, we may receive nonpublic personal information from you or obtain such information from others if you authorize us to do so. We do not sell, rent, release or disclose such information to anyone other than as permitted or required by law and rules of ethics, or as expressly authorized by you or impliedly authorized (if reasonably required to effectuate our representation; for example, to non-lawyer employees of our firm, who are trained to protect your privacy as well). Such policy naturally extends to your Social Security number. While we are in possession of nonpublic personal information, we protect the documents and electronic data containing such information with physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards as required by law. If and when we dispose of such information, we first ensure that it is unreadable by others.

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