Our Holistic Approach

Our holistic approach, put quite simply, is to identify every issue and coordinate every discipline relevant to optimizing your quality of life. Nothing falls outside this philosophy, because we are dealing with the totality of who you are. It combines how you live, how you can sustain your lifestyle through each future stage of your life, and how your wishes will be respected and carried out.

Our diversity enhances our ability to view each client’s needs from a broader perspective. Attorney Michele F. Murphy, RN, MSN learned in the trenches as a visiting nurse how to assess the comprehensive needs of elderly and disabled people. Later, as an attorney serving as court-appointed conservator for many elderly and disabled people who had no one else to advocate for them, she used her assessment skills to preserve their independence through proper housing, government benefits eligibility, sustainable care plans, and geriatric care management. At the same time, Attorney Thomas E. Murphy was learning through many years of corporate management to analyze complex problems and create strategic opportunities to turn them into successes. Later, as an Elder Law and Estate Planning attorney, he has applied those same skills to create strategies to protect clients’ life’s savings by qualifying them for Medicaid and VA Aid & Attendance while also avoiding taxes and probate.

Together, Tom and Michele collaborate to help our clients preserve both their lifestyle and their life’s savings. Having financial resources without a plan for applying them to your needs, or having a care plan without the financial resources to sustain it, is a missed opportunity which can detract from your future. We assess each client’s needs, concerns, abilities, preferences, resources, and family dynamics to develop the optimal plan for success, and then tailor the best combination of strategies to leverage their financial resources with valuable benefits available through Medicaid, VA Aid & Attendance, and tax avoidance. We also ensure that your independence is protected and your wishes are honored, through appropriate Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, and Appointments of Health Care representative. The combined result is that we empower each client to thrive in their chosen setting by preserving their lifestyle and independence, and the financial resources to sustain them.

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